Harry Beine Jyotish - bring light & clarity to your life! x

Harry Beine Jyotish

helps you with any question!

  • makes ancient knowledge accessible to the western mindset.
  • brings light and clarity to your life.
  • listens, understands, and talks with you.
  • uses multiple tools: Science, Jyotish, long-distance healing arts, and more…

    Harry Beine Jyotish

    What is Jyotish?


    The knowledge of Jyotish is eternal.

    Your Vedic horoscope is a map of your entire life!

    It is a tool that can help you with any concern, problem or question
    you may have.

    Access it & apply it.

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    Ganesha Yantra

    We can explore and discuss any concern you may have.

    Do you understand the forces that created this situation?
    What can you do about it?

    Take charge of your life

    Proper timing of events -
    know & prepare for what’s coming

    Understand how you function

    Whatever your question – we turn it and churn it, and look at it from different sides.
    Does it make sense?

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    About Harry

    Harry Beine in India 2012




    Long-distance healer

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